Google introduced a new white layout for Gmail on Android back in January this year. And now Gmail for Android is getting dark mode in certain parts of the app. For now, it is only in the Settings area of the app. You can neither turn on or off the Dark mode on Gmail right now. This change is part of the Gmail v2019.06.09 update. And apart from the settings area, neither the sidebar nor the main mail area has it. Though this is progress and it shows that Google is on the right path with Gmail.

Back in January Google rolled out its redesign which was based on the “Google Material Theme” design. It introduced a white interface in a world that is busy demanding dark mode or night mode from app developers. This comes almost a year after the company rolled out a major redesign for Gmail for the desktop. Taking a look at the app interface, it seems that this was part of the company-wide redesign of all its products.

The company had revealed the white design of Gmail in a post on its blog. Besides this, there were also changes in the new user interface. According to that post, product manager for Gmail, Nikolus Ray added that users can now “quickly view attachments” including photos without the need of “opening or scrolling through the conversation”. The new design will also make it easier for users to switch between their personal and work accounts while allowing access to all emails effortlessly. Ray also pointed out that the new design will show “big, red warnings to alert” users in case the email has some suspicious content.

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Ray added that that design update is to ensure that all the products of G Suite got a similar update. It was to ensure they look and behave in a similar manner with a focus on ease to use. The company had updated the desktop versions of other Google products with the new design. He added that the company will continue to update the design of “more G Suite mobile apps” “later this year.”

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