The new God of War game that released in 2018 was critically acclaimed as one of the best PS4 games to release yet, besides being one of the best games that year. And the story of the game left off with a lot of questions. Which is why people were pretty certain that a sequel of the game would be in the works. And it seems the sequel is not only in the works, but some details have come our way as well.

The game has been hailed as one of the best not just because of the script, but the visuals as well as the execution of the action in it. Director Kory Barlog has now spoken about how the progress of protagonist Kratos is expected to be. He was speaking with PlayStation Access about God of War and other things when he went on to the aforementioned topic. He hinted about the direction that the next game storyline may be going in. For the record the sequel has not been officially announced yet.

But Barlog, spoke of exploring more about the relationship between Kratos and his wife Faye in the sequel. To be more specific he wants to explore how they met each other, and what followed to form the relationship. But he adds that it will  be a part of what really happens next.

“The story of Faye and Kratos meeting — there’s less weight when you don’t know anything that’s coming ahead, right? Meeting her needs to actually feels like something.. that you already know the story that we told here, so that there’s a greater weight behind who she is. She’s got a mythology built up.” He clearly mentions that this will be a part of the main storyline and we might just get to see Atreus’s mother.

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