If you are a Reliance Jio customer and also use WhatsApp there’s good news for you. Jio and the Facebook-owned secure messaging platform have collaborated to offer Jio users various services on WhatsApp. Starting with mobile recharge to details on COVID-19 vaccine availability, Jio users can get all these information on WhatsApp from now on, as reported by PTI earlier today.

Jio and WhatsApp as launched a new mobile number to offer services such as recharge, making payments, getting answers to queries and raising complaints, PTI reported. The phone number is set at 7000770007. To avail these services, you will just need save the mobile number on your smartphone, then open WhatsApp, search for the specific number and type Hi.

The chatbot will provide you with the services it offers including COVID vaccine availability details. You will just need to ask for the required services and the WhatsApp chatbot will do the needful.

As per the PTI report, unlike all other online portals for COVID vaccination, in this one, you will be able to refresh the vaccine centre details and its availability search by feeding ‘pincode’ in the chat. You can also type the pincode of their area to get vaccine details.

jio prepaid plan, Jio Recharge

The newly introduced chatbot allows Jio users to recharge their number via WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at how you can do that:

-Save the phone number for the recharge first on your mobile device.

-Head over to WhatsApp and find the stored contact..

-Once you are able to find the contact on WhatsApp, type Hi and the chatbot will provide you with all the services it offers.

-Choose the required option, the one that states to recharge phone number.

-You can make the payment via Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, debit card, credit card and more and you are done with the task.

The WhatsApp service is currently available only in English and Hindi, more languages support will be added in the days.


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