Google adds new ‘Subscriptions’ page to its online store, detailing all premium services

Google has added multiple a new Subscriptions tab on its US online store that takes you to a Subscriptions landing page. There you can get all the information about all of the different services it offers. The page currently lists YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music PremiumStadia Pro, Google One, Google Fi and more.

The list of services is broken down into four categories including Shows & Music, which consists of YouTube TV, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. Gaming, which includes Stadia Pro, Google Play Pass. Storage & Security, which includes Google One, Nest Aware. And Phone Plan, which includes Google Fi.

The landing page reads, “Take your Google products to the next level with premium content, cloud storage, security features, and more.” Apart from this, it also includes a short blurb about each service, followed by a ‘Learn More’ button. Tapping the ‘Learn More’ button will redirect you to a new page, where you can sign up page for that service. You can also take a deeper look at what the service has to offer at the redirected page.

Google India Store is yet to be updated with the new tab layout. However, we expect the company to make this dedicated services page live in the country soon.

Google currently offers multiple services like Gmail, YouTube, Docs and more, free of cost. Due to which many do not check on what all premium services it offers and what benefits they bring. Due to which advertising them prominently on its online store is a good decision and might help many discover these services.

Google services come handy as they elevate the user experience for its apps and products. For example YouTube Premium allows users to stream videos from YouTube without watching a slew of ads, it also allows users to watch special content made specifically by big YouTubers especially for YouTube Premium subscribers. Google One allows users to get additional cloud storage over the complimentary 15GB it provides everyone starting at Rs 130 per month for 100GB of additional storage.

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