Google Pixel users have uncovered a new feature in the Call Screen feature. This new feature or rather tricks allows users to hear the person on the other end in the Call Screen mode. For people who may not know, Call Screen feature enables users to allow Google Assistant to screen their incoming calls. This means Google Assistant will interact with the user on the other end while transcribing the entire conversation in a textual format.

Users can take a look at an ongoing conversation and then instruct Google Assistant for additional questions, instruct it to respond with any message of their choice and more. The feature is helpful in situations where the user can’t receive the call or is occupied. This feature is only available in select countries across the globe and users in India can’t make use of the feature. Going back to the trick, users on Google Pixel subreddit found that one can listen to the other party when in call Screening mode. To do this, the user only needs to press the volume up or down button while in the call screening mode.

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This comes in as a handy feature in case one wants to ensure that the transcriptions done by Google Assistant are accurate. The feature will also be handy in situations when you see that Assistant is not doing a fine job in transcribing because of an unsupported language. In addition to pressing the volume buttons, users can also hear the caller on the other end in Call screen mode if they raise and put their phone near their ear.

According to a report by Android Police, this feature is working “for most Pixel” smartphones including Google Pixel 3 XL, and Google Pixel. However, a number of Reddit users also noted that this feature does not seem to be working on their devices.

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