Tech giants Apple and Google have been working together on a Coronavirus exposure tracking notification system lately. We recently saw the API get its first developer version. Now the first screenshots of how the notification system would look have surfaced. The interface designs reveal how the system will be used in Android and iOS phones.

The service was first introduced on April 10. It works by tracking Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) signals which make the exposure notifications possible. The service also uses encrypted keys to preserve privacy. Both the companies will also be sharing a reference code library (an SDK for Android and an Xcode toolkit for iOS) These will help the developers of popular health agency apps to implement the API in their apps. Google and Apple also mentioned that they had already been approached by multiple governments for the APIs. Check out the screenshots below.

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Google and Apple also came out with six principles that any public health agency using the APIs would be required to follow. The API may only be used for Coronavirus response efforts. The API will also be restricted from using location data. Further, it will require opt-in permissions before using the API or sharing a diagnosis. Here are the screenshots on Google’s Android OS.

And here is how the system will look on Apple’s iOS devices.

To avoid fragmentation, both Apple and Google plan to grant only one app per country access to the API. However, “if a country has opted for a regional or state approach,” the restriction reads, “the companies are prepared to support those authorities,” mentioned the companies.

Google, Apple to take down API once Coronavirus is handled

Moreover, both Google and Apple had previously mentioned that the service will be shut once the pandemic is over. As per the companies, this will be done on a region to region basis. The move is logical considering the working of the trackers may be viewed by some as an invasion of privacy.

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