Google announces Android 12 Go Edition: Check out its top features here

Google back in October officially announced its next-generation mobile operating system, Android 12. Now, nearly two months later, the company took wraps off its next-generation Go Edition OS. The company today announced the Android 12 Go Edition mobile operating system for entry level smartphones. It brings a host of new features, including the ones that are focused on making the Go Edition smartphones faster, more accessible and more privacy-friendly.

For starters, Google is bringing faster app launches to Android Go-powered smartphones. The company said that apps on Android 12 Go Edition devices will launch up to 30% faster and with smoother animation. The company has created a SplashScreen API that will enable developers to improve the overall app launch experience.

Google has also optimised the battery life in its Android 12 Go Edition mobile OS. The company said that Android 12 Go Edition will automatically save battery life and storage by hibernating apps that haven’t been used for a long time. The company also said that the updated Files Go app will now allow users to recover files within 30 days. This will help users to delete unnecessary files to free up space and recover them if necessary.

More flexibility

Another change that Google has made to its Android 12 Go Edition OS is making its translate and listen feature available in the recent apps screen. Google said that users will see the option to listen to the news and translate the on-screen content into their preferred language in the recent apps section of the phone. Additionally, the company is making it easy for Android 12 Go Edition OS users to share apps with nearby devices using Google Play and Nearby Share features. With Android 12 Go Edition, Google is also making guest user experience available directly on the lock screen. In a blog post, the company said that users will be able to easily switch to a guest profile before sharing their device and reset it once they are done.

New privacy settings

On the privacy front, Android 12 (Go edition) will give users more transparency around apps that are accessing their data. To facilitate this, the company has added a new privacy dashboard wherein users will see a snapshot of the apps that are accessing particular types of sensitive data, such as the microphone, and revoke permissions if needed. The company has also added a new privacy indicator – just like iOS 14 – on the status bar that will inform users when their apps are specifically accessing the microphone or the camera.

Lastly, Google is bringing approximate location permissions to the new Go Edition smartphone. It will enable users to limit apps to see only their approximate location instead of a precise one. “For example, limiting your weather app to your approximate location will still give you an accurate forecast,” Google explained in a blog post.


All these features will arrive in the Android Go-powered devices in 2022. However, the company hasn’t specified the timeline of roll out yet.

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