Google has just announced two new apps to make Android and in extension, technology more accessible for users with hearing impairment. There two apps include “Live Transcribe” and “Sound Amplifier” and will join the existing Android Accessibility suite of apps. Google developed both these apps to help users that are deaf or suffering from a condition that makes it hard for them to hear. According to new information, the company is currently testing the apps on Google Play Store and they will be rolled out to all the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users in the upcoming update.

According to a dedicated blog post, the company has shared details about the work it has done to develop both these apps. Live Transcribe, the first of the two apps works on the concept of automatic speech recognition where the device can hear the conversation and provide a transcribed output for users. To ensure that the feature works in real-time, the app is using Google Cloud and deep learning algorithms for speech recognition that Google has developed. This app allows users with hearing impairment to follow the conversation in real time. The company has teamed up with Gallaudet University to develop the feature.

According to a report by Android Police, the app can work on any device running Android 5 Lollipop or later. Taking a look at the features provided in the app, users can follow any conversation in real-time while typing their own replies. The app also allows users to change the source of audio along with the ability to change the theme and text size of the app. The app is also intelligent enough to vibrate to notify the user in case the conversation has paused and then starts again in a while. The vibration will notify the user that the conversation has started again.

Sound Amplifier, the second app that the company announced works as a hearing aid where it detects and then boosts the volume of the conversations happening around the user. The app is intelligent and allows users to focus on quiet sounds such as the voices of people around in case there is a lot of ambient noise around the user. Users can change the level of amplification of the sound with the help of sliders. It is worth noting that this app only runs on devices with Android Pie and users will need a pair of wired earphones or headphones for this to work.

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