Google Assistant can now pronounce your name better: Here’s how

While Google Assistant proves to be of great help, it can end up messing things by not understanding things properly. This stands true for wrong name pronunciations, which is not uncommon for the virtual assistant. However, things are about to get better as new AI improvements make their way to Google Assistant.

This includes a better way of pronouncing people’s names, among others. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Google Assistant new improvements

For Google Assistant to recognise and pronounce names correctly, it will be required to learn and you will be able to teach it.

In a few days, you can pronounce the names for Google Assistant to help it better understand them and remember the correct pronunciations to speak names correctly in the future. All this will be done with a focus on privacy as it won’t save any recording of your voice.

Google is also improving Assistant’s NLU models so that it is able to accurately understand the commands you try to give. This is done by using the machine learning technology powered by BERT, which is also used in Google Search.

This way, Google Assistant will be able to recognise commands for alarms and timers without the need for you to complete the sentence.

Furthermore, the same machine learning tech is being used to improve conversations between you and Google Assistant. The Assistant will take the reference of previous conversations to understand what’s being displayed on the smartphone screen or the smart display for natural interaction.

For instance, if you asked about a particular place and need more information, it will be able to tell you just that when you ask about a similar thing.

Google has suggested that it will continue improving Assistant for users with improved AI capabilities for it to provide a helping hand every time we want.

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