Google Assistant that runs on smart display devices is getting a new update this week. This version of Assistant is available on the Nest Hub devices from the company.  The smart display version is now getting dark mode and a new set of features. Google is also changing the interface experience of the home screen, giving access to multiple accounts from the main display.

As per this blog post, the main screen also gives users information that is relevant to a particular time of the day. So, if it’s morning, then you will see news, music and other updates related to your schedule for the day. The titles and items on the menu will also be displayed in bigger tiles, which makes it easy to view and control. You can also access details about the content playing on various smart speakers in the house. But Google says it is looking to enhance the feature to an extent that you can stream content from platforms without having to start over again.

The company has kept the idle screen in the same fashion. Which shows you a collection of photos from your Google account as a slideshow. But you finally get the dark mode feature, something that was missing for the smart displays for a while. The mode works on Google Assistant for these devices, which can be enabled for other applications as well. And finally, Assistant on smart displays will now show you Calendar details for work and personal planning at the same time.

Google Nest Hub gets Netflix support

Netflix content is now compatible with Google’s Nest Hub devices that support the display. This means you can install the video streaming app and play content through the 7 or 10-inch Nest Hub devices. To make this work, all you have to do is connect the Netflix app to your Assistant account via the Google Home app.

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