Google is bringing interactive and dynamic emails for users, wherein the content will open up like a standard web page that you see normally, and you’ll not have to go out of the email to browse. In short, Google is bringing AMP for Gmail. The search giant using its AMP technology will now show similar web pages of hotel listings, fill out forms, and more with in your Gmail.

Google is rolling out the feature to Gmail for web today, and will eventually become available on mobile as well, which Google notes is coming soon, first reported by TNW. Google’s AMP technology also powers most of the fast-loading mobile pages and articles on sites that you see daily on your phone. The company now intends to bring the same experience within Gmail.

“If you want to take action, you usually have to click on a link, open a new tab and visit another website. Starting today, we’re making emails more useful and interactive in Gmail. Your emails can stay up to date so you’re always seeing the freshest information, like the latest comment threads and recommended jobs. With dynamic email, you can easily take action directly from within the message itself, like RSVP to an event, fill out a questionnaire, browse a catalog or respond to a comment,” notes Google on its blog.

Google’s AMP for Gmail will allow marketers to personalize their messages more than before. They would be able to add more content into an email message without making it heavy or cluttered. Like this means, marketers would be able to send you a catalog of products in a carousel form with up-to-date stock in real-time.

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As of now, it is the first stage of implementation, and you never know if Google makes it a global standard across email service providers. Google has noted that if you’re using Gmail in a third-party client, then you’ll only see the static version, not AMP.

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