Google brings Night mode to Android Go camera app

Google has gradually made sure all its popular features trickle down to affordable devices. And this week, the company is giving Android Go devices some new power. As you might know, Android Go was launched as the toned down version of the original platform. It runs on phones with a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Now, Go users can upgrade the Camera app on the phone to use Night Mode. For now, the feature is available to those with Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81 phones.

Night Mode on the regular Pixel phone is widely used, and its results have impressed many over the years. So, for Google to bring this feature to low-end devices in no small feat. Having said, we’re not sure how much of a difference will the new mode bring to the phone’s camera. After all, you’re looking at basic 5 or 8-megapixel camera units, with a single LED flash.

During our time with these devices, we’ve barely managed to click half-decent images in regular conditions. And since night mode uses extra power to force through additional light. We’re not sure if the results will be as impressive.

Google ends support for Daydream VR with Android 11

Google is officially bringing the curtains down on Daydream VR. According to a news report, Daydream VR will not work with Android 11 devices. The project never really took off, and Google’s decision to not make it compatible with Android 11 could be the end of those efforts. To be fair, there were very few takers for Daydream VR, and the company couldn’t attract other phone makers to join the ranks. Most of the brands associating with Daydream VR were an active part of Google’s Android One ecosystem. But for handheld VR to become a success, it needed broader customer and developer support, which never happened.

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