Google Camera 7.1 roll out via Play Store for compatible devices started yesterday. The new version of Google Camera brings an UI that was first seen in the leaked build of Google Camera 7.0. It brings a revamped user interface, social share and renames “camera coaching” to “framing hints”. However, the app has hidden features that will debut with the launch of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL next week. The new camera will offer more than an updated Night Sight mode with Astrophotography mode.

The search giant is reportedly developing a new camera feature called ‘Frequent Faces’ and it could debut on the Pixel 4. An APK teardown of Google Camera version 7.1 has revealed details about this new camera feature. According to XDA Developers, the Frequent Faces feature will automatically focus on people you frequently take pictures of. The camera app will reportedly save data on faces that you frequently photograph and the app will automatically know whom to focus on next time.

”When you take photos with multiple people, Camera will automatically focus on the people you photograph most.

Frequent Faces data is only saved on this device, and can only be accessed by this Camera app.

When you turn off Frequent Faces, faces data will be deleted.

Frequent Faces will be available when you open Camera from the lock screen.”
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If you are worried about privacy then this will put you at rest. The face data is being stored on the device and will only be accessible by the Google Camera app. If you disable the feature then all the saved face data will be deleted. The strings for this feature exists only in the APK of version 7.1 for Wear OS. The version 7.1.014 contains strings that describe what the feature does while version 7.1.015 only has strings that push Pixel users to use the feature.

It also has strings that notify users when the feature is activated. The main 7.1 APK also has codes for the Frequent Faces feature. Since it has not leaked before, the feature might not be ready by the time Pixel 4 debuts next week. There is a possibility of Google Camera modders getting this feature working before Pixel 4 debuts in New York on October 15. There is a possibility of Google Camera app getting another update that will enable this feature later.

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