Google Camera 7.1 with new UI and updated features is now rolling out via the Play Store. The new version of Google’s camera app brings UI changes that were first seen in the leaked build of Google Camera app for the Pixel 4 XL. Dubbed Google Camera 7.0, the app offered a redesigned UI placing various camera modes below the shutter button. It also hid the settings option available for each camera mode and it now requires users to swipe down from top to show them.

These UI changes seen as part of Google Camera 7.0 is now available via Play Store. The Google Camera 7.1 update brings huge change to the user interface and it also renames “camera coaching” to “framing hints”. According to XDA Developers, the app has also added a new “social share” feature. The social share lets users quickly share a photo to a social or messaging application of your choice. In order to use this feature, you need to simply swipe up on the preview of the image you recently took and then select one of the apps from the options that appear.

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Photo: XDA Developers

The social share feature shows up to three social or messaging options in this context menu. The renamed framing hints, on the other hand, helps users to take better photos by offering recommendations when you are not holding your phone properly. It will offer suggestions such as reposition your angle while taking a selfie. The teardown of the app should reveal camera-centric features coming to the fourth generation Pixel smartphones.

The leaked Google Camera 7.0 application revealed features such as Motion Blur on the Pixel 4. It will allow users to take shots of moving subjects in the foreground while blurring the background. It also has reference for Night Sight called “cuttlefish” while Timelapse is called “cheetah” internally. One of the headline feature of Pixel 4 is expected to be astrophotography but the current build does not any reference. We should see more details about upcoming features of Pixel 4’s camera in the coming days.

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