Google celebrates New Year’s Eve 2020 with a fun, colourful Doodle

Google is celebrating New Year’s eve with a fresh new Doodle that makes your smartphone or laptop’s screen colourful. To enjoy today’s Google Doodle all you need to do is type on the search bar. There you will be able to see a colourful house in brown colour. In the background is Google’s logo with tiny rice lights.

When you click on the Google Doodle New Year’s Eve 2020, the search giant will take you to a fresh page with a sweet surprise. As soon as the page appear Google will shower colourful ribbons. You laptop or smartphone’s screen will turn completely colourful and it surely looks lovely.

You will be able to repeat the shower of colourful ribbons by clicking on the blue cone shaped object at the right of the screen, next to the New Year’s Eve. This can be repeated over and over again, as many times as your want.

Commenting on the Doodle today Google said, “Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s been a cuckoo year, but 2020’s clock is ticking. The countdown begins now, and when the clock strikes midnight a new year will spread its wings!”

Google Doodle New Year’s Eve

2019’s Google Doodle on this very day featured “Froggy the weather frog to help ring in 2020”. “Froggy is gearing up for New Year’s celebrations in any weather. He says he’s most excited about it being a Leap Year. “The 2020s are sure to be ribbitting!” Once the clock strikes midnight, the new decade begins! Time sure is fun when you’re having flies… Ready to jump in? Hoppy New Year’s Eve!” the search giant said talking about the 2019’s Doodle.

To recollect, the first ever New Year’s Eve Google Doodle created by the US tech giant was created in 2011 with a generic image of celebration. Over the year, Doodles have become more and more interactive.

2020’s last Doodle includes a house and that clearly indicates at the pandemic. Starting from April to even now most of us have spent the year inside home to safeguard ourselves from the coronavirus pandemic.

We are hoping that 2021 is going to end the pandemic that changed our lives drastically.

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