Google CEO Sundar Pichai is one of us, watch as he forgets to unmute himself during a video call

Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, most people around the world had only one means to connect with their friends, colleagues, and family members – via video calls. The dependency on video calls has led to the tremendous growth of video calling platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, among others.

With the growing dependency on such video calling platforms, there have been several technical challenges that users have faced over the months. It looks like Google CEO Sundar Pichai is also one of us.

During a recent interview with @KermitTheFrog, Pichai forgets to unmute himself and later laughed about it. So, if you have done something similar and are embarrassed about it, don’t be. Pichai is also one of us.

Google CEO took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the incident and said, “always remember to unmute…thanks @KermitTheFrog for joining us on @YouTube #DearEarth and chatting about some of our shared interests.” He also shared a two-minute video clip of the interaction and laughed about it.

The video interview started with Kermit, a Muppet character created in 1955, asking “hi there, Sundar” welcoming him for the interaction for the YouTube channel “Dear Earth”. To which Pichai responds but forgets to unmute himself. Kermit then interrupted and said, “Sundar, I think you are on mute. Wow, can’t believe I am talking to the CEO of Google, and he is on mute.”

Within 11 seconds into the call Pichai released that he’s on mute and laughed about it. Google CEO said, “sorry Kermit. I was on mute, and I’ve done it a few times this year like everyone else. I’m huge fan of you and the muppets.”

Kermit and Pichai were having a chat on Google Meet. So, if you often forget to unmute yourself during video call, do not worry as even the Google CEO is one of us.

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