Google Chrome browser for macOS, Windows 10 to soon get native Dark Mode

Google Chrome is reportedly set to get a major update on Windows 10 and macOS. This update will reportedly bring native dark mode support for Chrome on desktop platforms and macOS could be the first to get this stable new feature.

Dark themes are already popular on many platforms. Twitter, for example, has a popular night theme that can be selected in the setting and configured to switch according to the time of day. There is also speculation for a possible dark mode theme on the upcoming Android and iOS versions as well.

Dark mode enables a black color-themed default page for new tabs, menus, interaction bars, and even background. It is possible that Google will enable its dark theme with the launch of Chrome 74, scheduled for April, The Verge reports. The reasons for implementing this mode is to improve visibility in low light conditions, and also enhance the autonomy of devices.

The Canary version of the Google Chrome already has a dark mode option included in its beta phase, and can be freely downloaded. This version of the browser is designed for web developers to test new implementations and add them to their web pages. It is a separate Chrome app, so users can download and use it separately without affecting the normal use of Chrome.

Once downloaded and installed, the dark mode can activated by simply switching between dark and light mode in Windows 10 or macOS Mojave. Automatically the browser will detect the activated mode and use it. To force the use of dark mode permanently you must follow a series of steps:

– In macOS, execute the following command in the app: / Applications / Google Chrome Chrome Canary –force-dark-mode

– In Windows, open the properties of the Chrome Canary app and in ‘Shortcut’> ‘Destination:’ add –force-dark-mode to the end of the existing command.

There are some flaws in this dark mode at the moment, which is to be expected in a preliminary version. Many buttons do not have an adequate color scheme to differentiate if they are active and some texts are not visible because they do not contrast correctly with the dark background.

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