Google seems to be working on a few new features for Chrome. The company recently added Password Checkup Chrome extension. The browser is also expected to get ‘lookalike URLs’ feature. Now, the search giant is said to be working on a Never-Slow mode feature in a bid to offer users better and faster browsing experience. This feature will help restrict resource loading and runtime processing, which will open webpages at a much faster pace.

A new commit has been spotted on Chromium Gerrit which reads, “An experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience.” However, Google asserted that this “may silently break content.” Furthermore, the new mode is said to reduce memory usage, but it will not affect majorly. The commit dates back to October 2018 and the company has recently updated it. There is also a PROTOTYPE – DO NOT COMMIT label.

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The commit also explains that the new mode, “Currently blocks large scripts, sets budgets for certain resource types (script, font, css, images), turns off document.write(), clobbers sync XHR, enables client-hints pervasively, and buffers resources without ~CHECK~Content-Length~CHECK~ set. Budgets are reset on interaction (click/tap/scroll). Long script tasks (> 200ms) pause all page execution until next interaction.” At the moment, there is no information on the release date of this feature.

Besides, the company recently added a new extension, labeled Password Checkup, which automatically checks in the background whether your password is compromised or not. If your Google account is comprised, this feature will automatically reset the password. Google is expected to roll out the ‘lookalike URLs’ feature soon, which will warn users if they get fooled by a lookalike website. They will be then redirected to the orginal site that users were searching for.

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