Google Chrome set to get ‘Group Tab’ feature soon

While Google will soon start alerting users for lookalike URLs in order to help you distinguish between fake and original websites, the search giant is also working on a Tab Group feature. This feature will systematically arrange tabs into different groups. In simpler terms, the Tab Group feature could help save some memory of your computer’s system by grouping different Chrome tabs together based on section or category of the URL. This feature will really benefit Chrome users as there are times when you end up opening too many tabs. Users will get two options including ‘Add to new group’ and ‘Add to existing group.’ To check the options, you will have to right click on an active Chrome tab.

Additionally, this new feature is live in the Chrome Canary channel, as per Android Police. The report asserted that those who want to experience this feature, a flag to enable the Tab Groups feature is available in the latest Chrome Canary version. The Tab groups feature might also be a part of Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome operating system, as per the description on the flag.

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Besides, the mentioned lookalike URLs feature is under development phase and this feature has been released as part of the Canary release channel for Google Chrome. However, the stable and final version is yet to start distinguishing lookalike URLs. To experience this feature, one needs to visit chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions. Additionally, the search giant is yet to officially announce the release date of this feature.

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