Ahead of the annual BETT education conference in London, Google on Tuesday released the latest usage statistics for its education services. The company announced its Chromebooks have been used by 30 million students and educators worldwide while the Google Classroom program now has 40 million users.

Google’s G Suite for Education has reached 80 million users since it first debuted back in 2006. It includes popular web-based productivity tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as Calendar, Jamboard, and Hangouts Meet.

“It started with an idea in 2006: how might teaching and learning improve if we brought Google’s suite of productivity tools to schools? 13 years later, there are 80 million educators and students around the world using what has become G Suite for Education. 40 million students and educators rely on Google Classroom to stay organized and support creative teaching techniques. 30 million more use Chromebooks to open up a world of possibilities both inside and outside the classroom,” noted John Vamvakitis, Director, International Google for Education.

In May 2018, Google shared that the tool for starting classroom discussions had 25 million users, reports 9to5Google. Since then, the company has added a number of features such as Stream redesign and the Google Material Theme.

Google says that this growth can partially be attributed to the education systems of many countries. Countries like Japan and Australia are using Google’s education tools in their schools and in 2018 New Zealand also adopted Chrome Education licenses to all state as well as state-integrated schools. Specifically for the UK, the company has worked with London Grid for Learning to help over 90 percent of schools across the city using Chrome OS devices and G Suite.

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