Search and software giant Google is celebrating the 73rd Independence Day in India with the help of a Google Doodle. The company posted an impressive mosaic-styled artwork to go with the celebration. Unlike some of the doodles in the past, this one is not really interactive. Clicking on the doodle only directs you to a search result for the “India Independence Day”. According to the information about the doodle on the Google Doodle page, we know that Shaivalini Kumar created the doodle.

Independence Day Google Doodle details

The doodle celebrates a day which marks the birth of India as a sovereign. For some quick context, India attained independence on August 15, 1947. Details revealed that it features a number of “traditional motifs” used from textiles to create a “complex yet harmonious ‘patchwork’”. The motifs range from education to arts, to courage, and even compassion. Inspecting the “patchwork” we can also see symbols showcasing unity, the Indian parliament, rangoli, the Metro, and more. Other symbols related include the auto-rickshaw, painting, voting, Tiger, flying kite, old architectural quest, and even an LGBTQ flag.

Detailed information page about the doodle also goes on to talk about different ways we celebrate the Independence Day. This also ranges from patriotic kite flying to “Beating Retreat” ceremony in Amritsar to the Red Fort. For some context, Indian Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru first addressed the nation at Lahori Gate at Red Fort after Independence. The celebration of national independence is an annual affair.

Google also added a detailed question and answer section with Shaivalini Kumar on the doodle details page. Kumar also talks about the significance of the day for her, how she went about creating the doodle and more. Taking a look at the reach of this doodle, it is only available in the Indian market. The page also goes on to state that one can notice celebrations with the 21-gun salute, “Jana Gana Mana” national anthem, parades, and more.

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