It is a new day and Google is back with a new Google Doodle to educate everyone. Today, the company is celebrating the 80th birthday of Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei. Tabei was the 36th person to climb Mt Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. In addition, she was also the first woman to achieve this feat. However, Tabei revealed that she would prefer to be known as the 36th person. She went on to explain that she did not intend to be the first woman to achieve this landmark.

Talking a closer look at the Google doodle, we see a cartoon version of Tabei jumping from the left of the doodle to the right. The character is jumping from the top of one mountain to another indicating her long list of achievements. Google also shared more details about the doodle on the dedicated Google Doodle page. Tabei was born on September 22, 1939. She started climbing on mountains at the age of 10 as part of a class trip to Mount Nasu. She was born in Miharu, a small town located near Fukushima.

The details page also revealed that Tabei went on to create the first Ladies Climbing Club in Japan. She made it to the history books in 1969 by just founding the club. She again found her name in the history books after scaling Everest in 1975. Tabei started the climb with 15 climbers and 6 sherpas and reached the summit on May 16, 1975. It is also interesting to note that she reached the summit with just one sherpa.

The Emperor, Crown Prince and Crown Prince of Japan congratulated Tabei on her achievement. She also went on to reveal that it took her about two months to settle down at home. Tabei went on to scale all seven summits across all seven continents. The report also noted that Tabei reached mountaintops in about 76 different countries.

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