Google Doodle is thanking grocery workers today in an effort to express gratitude. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to rattle cities and countries, grocery workers have emerged as frontline workers. They have been tasked with the responsibility of stocking retail shelves. The grocery workers are also at the forefront of delivering essentials to those locked inside their homes. With its doodle today, the search giant is taking a step to thank these people.

The doodle is part of a series aimed to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines. “Today, we’d like to say: To all grocery workers, thank you,” the search giant said on Google Doodle blog. The doodle itself is both simple, elegant and able to deliver the point. With the doodle today, Google is showing its logo in the classic colors. However, there are neat elements thrown in to show the grocery industry. There is a grocery bag tucked between first “G” and first “O” in the logo.

There are also grocery tables lined up at the end of the logo. This is not a static image and there is a heart that jumps out of the first “G” and lands on the second “O”. This heart then gets embedded into “e”, making for a visual delight. Google is not revealing the details of artists behind this doodle and could have been designed in-house. However, it seems that the doodle could have been made in-house. Google also shows that the doodle will be visible in North and South American continents. In select countries in Asia and Africa, you will see the doodle.

It is also visible in Australia, Greenland and New Zealand. Google has been designing new tools to combat the spread of coronavirus. It has announced a new contact tracing feature in partnership with Apple. The search giant was also amongst the first to announce a new website to track coronavirus spread in the US. It has added COVID-19 prevention tips at the top of its services. It is also integrated within Google Assistant.

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