Google Duo could soon get a web version: Report

Google is reportedly planning to launch the web version of its video calling app, called Google Duo, in the coming weeks. According to a report by 9to5Google, the Web version of Google Duo would also support the Google Chrome browser and might also work on Google‘s rival browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, similar to what we have seen on the previous web versions of Google Allo and others.

“This development ultimately means a much wider reach of devices that can access the growing service. Google Duo has, up to now, only been available in the form of an app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, and on its Smart Display platform,” the report said quoting a source familiar with the information. At the moment, it is unknown how many features from the mobile version of Duo will be incorporated into the Web version, but the cited source speculates that “it’s likely to, at the very least, include fundamental Duo features such as ‘knock knock’ and the ability to leave video messages.”

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Additionally, the report suggests that in terms of authentication, Duo will make use of Google account, given that the mobile version too leverages this as an optional authentication. Besides, Google Duo might soon get a group calling feature and also offer an option to mark their contacts as favorite. A new low light mode might also make its way to the app. While Google is yet to confirm any of these features, several reports suggest that Google Duo’s group calling tool might offer support for up to seven people at a time.

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