Google has announced it will launch a beta version of its video calling application Duo for Smart TVs with Android TV OS. The decision is yet another part of the company’s strategy to capitalize on the increased demand for video calls. This is due to the quarantines imposed around the world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company’s announcement came along with confirmation that Google Meet will also launch on Chromecast. ” In an effort to bring the video calling experience to more parts of your home, the Google Duo is being launched in Beta on Android TV within the next few weeks, ” the company explains in its blog post.

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Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon

The whole process is easier if the TV has a built-in camera. In that case, just open the app to start a conversation with a person or a group quickly. However, if your Smart TV does not have a native camera, you can also connect a USB webcam. As the XDA Developers points out, this is great news for those who wanted more comfort for their video calls. Since you can relax on the couch while chatting with friends or family on a big screen.

Both Meet and Duo, in fact, are already compatible with Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and their integration with the entire ecosystem of the company’s devices is on the rise. In summary, the native Google Duo application for Android TV will be launched in the coming weeks as a beta version. The company would also be planning to integrate some of the Duo’s features into the Meet. With that, Google Meet would be closer to becoming the company’s main video conference calling software.

Google has reorganized the mess it had with messaging services, and although there are still remains to be work done. Google Duo and Google Meeting have been saved from the pyre. The latter is now mainly focused on the professional market.

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