Google is making password-less login a reality if you have a Pixel smartphone. The search giant will now let users log on to some websites using their Android smartphones. This means that you will be able to sign into a website by entering a passcode or clicking on the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone. The feature is being rolled out starting with Pixel phones on Monday. Google says it will become available on more recent Android phones in the coming days.

The new implementation will simplify authentication for users who have ready access to their smartphone. The service for now works with Google‘s website and will be expanded to other Google services soon. “This new capability marks another step on our journey to making authentication safer and easier for everyone to use,” Dongjing He and Christiaan Brand, Google team members, said in a blog post.

Passwords have become the most crucial and complex element of accessing internet services. The most secure passwords are the ones difficult to type and remember. With recent data breaches, even the most secure password now seems prone to attack. A password-less authentication using a device like Android could become a solution. It could usher us into an era of authentication that goes beyond password. Google’s implementation is still a small step in that direction.

The search giant is offering the feature only when you are confirming your authentication. It is not being used for first-time logins. This means you will still need to remember your password but do so less often. Like Microsoft, Google is also using FIDO2, an open authentication standard to enable this post-password authentication. Google also offers hardware security keys called Titan models for authenticating on a new device for the first time.

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