Google has been criticized a lot lately for not doing enough to push its Wear OS to the main front. The operating system was initially introduced as Android Wear before being renamed to Wear OS. While Google said that it is taking a renewed approach to its wearable operating system, there has not been a great deal of changes on the platform, raising concerns and criticism among enthusiasts. The lack of development efforts from Google has, however, not stopped one Google engineer from creating a new use case for wearable running the operating system.

In order to spark creativity among Wear OS developer community, a Google engineer has released an application called WearMouse that allows Wear OS users to control their desktop mouse by waving their hand. According to XDA Developers, the Wear OS developer community has had occasional complaint about certain UI decisions in the past but their main concern has been around battery life compared to other mobile operating system tailored for wearable ecosystem. While Google has continued to improve the battery life of the platform with software update, the platform continues to remain heavy for a wearable device like the smartwatch.

Google envisions Wear OS as not just any companion platform that goes along with your mobile device, but rather as a full-fledged device platform on your wrist. A Google engineer has built an application that taps into this full-fledged operating system to do something creative. The WearMouse application is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux (including Raspbian), Chrome OS and Android (including Android TV). It works with these platforms till the time the host device has a Bluetooth connection.

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Once the app is paired with the device, you will get access to features such as using it as an intuitive pointer for presentations and allows users to click through the slides using cursor keys. You can play Fruit Ninja with your arms or control a media player from your couch. It also works as a VR controller with some compatible Google cardboard games and can be even used to control your Samsung DeX-connected phone. The details of the app first appeared on Wear OS sub-Reddit, and shows how Google’s less liked wearable operating system has potential to become something big in the future.

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