Google has just rolled out a new feature for its Google Maps app. As part of the announcement, the company has introduced a new “Messages” feature inside the app which allows users to send instant messages. If you are thinking that it allows users to contact their friends and family while allowing a new form of instant messaging service then you are incorrect in that assumption. According to the information on the internet, the new messages feature only allow users to get in touch with businesses that are listed on Google Maps.

The screenshots of this feature initially appeared in the Android sub-Reddit on Reddit and later reported by Taking a look at the feature, it appears that this feature is a bit to increase the engagement between the small businesses listed on Google Maps and the Google Maps users. In addition to improved engagement, it is also likely to increase the number of users that small businesses can reach with the help of this feature. This can also act as fast way to reach out to the businesses while removing the need of calling them.

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This new feature comes weeks after Google added the commute time of “auto-rickshaws” in the public transport commuting options. This is likely to improve the estimated time of arrival that Google Maps showcases if and when a user searches for directions to any given location.

Google is also working on new features for its other apps including Google Duo. As previously reported, the company is planning on launching two new modes as part of its Google Duo app. The company is working on introducing the low light mode in the app along with group video calling.

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