Google is bringing Windows apps to Chromebook

Google has just revealed that its Chrome OS-powered Chromebook laptops will soon be able to run Windows apps. As part of the announcement, the company revealed some important details regarding the upcoming feature. Taking a closer look, this new feature will only be available for the corporate versions of the Chrome OS. The Chrome OS development team shared some more details regarding the feature. Let’s check the new information regarding the Google Chrome OS here.

Windows apps to land on Google Chrome OS-powered Chromebook

According to Cyrus Mistry, the group product manager for Chrome OS, the company is teaming up with software virtualization company, Parallels. As part of the team-up, Parallels will be able to bring the power of a proper Windows desktop to Chrome OS. Google’s desktop operating system will also be able to redirect Windows supported file types to the Parallels Desktop instance. This same feature is already available on macOS natively as well as with the help of Parallels. Parallels allows its users to run Windows applications as if they were native to macOS. Now, it seems that Google will add this same function in a similar way.

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Mistry also noted that Google also experimented with Windows as a second OS on Chromebooks in dual boot. However, the company discarded this option due to security reasons related to the boot process. According to the product manager, Parallels offers “the best of both worlds”. In addition, it also “provides users with a seamless experience in which they can get in and out quickly.”

According to The Verge, partner companies can bundle Parallels Desktop with corporate Chromebooks. IT administrators can enable role access for Chromebooks enrolled in the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. The product manager does not reveal the pricing or launch date for the feature. Beyond this, the report noted that users need to sport a relatively modern Chromebook to use this unreleased feature. It has also been confirmed that the system will be available for the companies later this year. Google has also created a page for interested parties to contact or provide feedback.

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