Google is looking to monetise GPay users’ transactional data in India

Google is looking to monetise the transactional data of its GPay users in India and will also offer them the choice to opt-out of this option. Three and a half year after the launch of Google Pay in India, the search giant is now looking to make some money off the app.

Google has said that it will roll out an update to Google Pay next week that will share a prompt with users whether they wish to share their data with the company.

How will the data be used?

Currently, Google makes limited use of users’ data and has not monetised it by sharing it with third-party sources. The data is based on the users’ spending behaviour, preferences and then the services show these users relevant offerings.

Starting next week, Google will start sharing the users’ transactional data and users will have the option to prevent the company from accessing any of their data. By default, users are assumed to be opting-out of sharing their data with Google.

What happens if you share your data?

The search giant has said that for users who are willing to share their data, the company will display relevant offers and services. The company has specifically said that it will not use the data to target ads and that the personalised transactional data will not be shared with any other company products for targeting ads.

The company has also said that this option will be given to both old and new users so that they are aware of what Google is looking to offer.

“As India embraces digital payments, we remain committed to bringing the industry along to ensure that we keep raising the bar to deploy state-of-the-art data security and privacy measures and put the users in-charge of how their data is used.”, the company said

Users who have opted to share their data with Google at an earlier date can also choose to opt-out at a later date if they wish to. Those users who do not agree to share their data with the company will not lose any of the app’s features, the company has confirmed.

Currently, GPay has more than 70 million users on its payments platform and competes with the likes of Paytm and Wallmart-owned PhonePe in the Indian market.

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