Google has just started rolling out a new patch for users running Android Q Beta 2 on their devices. As part of the announcement, the company revealed that this new patch fixes some “important bugs and issues” that were discovered in the Beta 2. The patch will bring the software version of Android Q Beta up to QPP2.190228.023 fixing the problems that were discovered by beta testers. Google also claimed that the new update will also bring improvements to the performance and stability of the software especially with apps and permissions.

The announcement for the new update was initially made on the official Android Beta subreddit on Reddit. According to the post, Google asked users to check the “known issues” section for any problems that they may be facing for possible fixes and workarounds. Google also noted that even though the patch brings improvements to Beta 2 but the update can “still cause significant behavior changes” that is likely to affect the installed apps. This is likely because of the “Isolated storage” feature that the company introduced with Beta 2.

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How to install Android Beta 2 Patch

The announcement post also included steps for users on how they can get their hands on the latest patch update. According to the instructions, users should automatically get a notification for the Android Q Beta 2 patch update “within the next 24 hours”. But if you are the one who does not want to wait then you can either head to the “System updates” section inside the “Advanced” menu in the “System” sub-menu in the “Settings” app. If you don’t get the update the first time then try again. We have already updated our Google Pixel 3 with the 19MB patch with this method.

It is worth noting that you should ensure that you are already running Android Q Beta 1 or Beta 2 on your device. If you don’t want to follow the above-mentioned method or if that does not work out for you then you can manually download the updated system images from, and install it on your Google Pixel device. Just ensure that you are downloading the correct system image for your device.

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