Google Maps is ever-present in our lives. People use it for navigation, while taking Uber or Ola, or even ordering food to keep track of their delivery. But it’s undoubtedly the most-used platform to avoid getting stuck in traffic. And new report suggests the platform will become even more useful in that regards.

Google Maps has started testing a new feature wherein users will be able to see traffic lights on the interface. This is likely to be made available while navigating as well as exploring through areas on the Maps. With a feature like that, users can plan their travel routes accordingly. This is showing up for Android users as of now.

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The feature is still in the testing phase, so it’ll be hard to tell if Google will launch it for the public anytime soon. Offering traffic signals could pose issues for traffic authorities. This will be similar to how Google decided to show speed cameras on Maps for users in India few months back. Eventually we noticed the feature was taken down, most likely because it was alerting users about presence of cameras on their way.

Google Maps new feature updates

Google has been innovative with its features for Maps. Especially in India, where you have millions of people travelling on two-wheelers. In addition to this, Maps was updated with new and easier way to access location/address using Plus Codes.

Plus Codes are basically an alphanumeric version of your address/location. You will find them on the latest version of the Maps but confined to Android users for now. Google says, using these unique codes, people won’t have to reveal the full details of location anymore. The company says Plus Codes make it safer and easier for people to share addresses.

To make use of this feature, first update the Maps app on your phone. Now tap on the blue dot showing your current location. Click on the alphanumeric code right next to the name of the location. Copy and share it with users on WhatsApp or even SMS. Paste the code to Maps and the location will show up on the screen.

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