Google keeps on adding new features to its Maps app in a bid to make it more user-friendly. The company has already added a new toggle to switch off 3D view. Now, the search giant has reportedly added a new feature that would allow Google Maps users to follow Local Guides for better-personalized recommendations. This feature is being currently piloted in a few cities, including Delhi, San Francisco, and Tokyo. The list also includes Sao Paulo, Bangkok, London, New York, Osaka, and Mexico City.

It will provide smart recommendations based on the places you rate and visit. You’ll now also be able to follow pre-selected Local Guides and discover new locations thanks to their reviews. The feature will work only when you follow a particular Local Guide. One will find the Local Guide recommendation in the ‘For You’ tab. Once you follow, you get their recommendations in the Google Maps app.

Users will “see top Local Guides featured in the For You tab of the Google Maps app. When you follow one of these Local Guides, their recommendations will be surfaced to you in the app, so you can get inspired with ideas of things to do and places to go,” said Google in a blog post. The connoisseurs are picked based on how active they are on Maps and the number of posts on the platform, Android Police reported.

Last week, Google Maps rolled out an update that lets you take control over your profile picture and your bio. A few weeks back, Google added Incognito mode to its app. It is accessible from the profile menu inside the app. “When you turn on Incognito mode, your Maps activity on that device, like the places you search for, won’t be saved to your Google Account,” Eric Miraglia, Director of Product Management, Privacy, and Data Protection Office, said.

With inputs from IANS

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