Google Maps makes location sharing easier with Plus codes

Google is offering a new and safer way to share location with people. The feature called Plus Codes is available through Google Maps on Android for users. Plus Codes are basically an alphanumeric version of your address/location. You will find them on the latest version of the Maps but confined to Android users for now.

Google says, using these unique codes, people won’t have to reveal the full details of location anymore. The company says Plus Codes make it safer and easier for people to share addresses. Before this, you had search for a particular place and then look for its coordinates. Not anymore. Plus codes work just like street addresses. Use a plus code to find or share a place on Google Maps.

How Plus Codes work on Google Maps

To make use of this feature, first update the Maps app on your phone. Now tap on the blue dot showing your current location. Click on the alphanumeric code right next to the name of the location. Copy and share it with users on WhatsApp or even SMS. Paste the code to Maps and the location will show up on the screen.

Google’s Maps turned 15 recently and it received a design makeover. The changes make the app easier to use and doesn’t require a lot of deep diving to access regularly used options. The new interface focuses on five buttons on the bottom of the Google Maps screen, three of which are new on the app.

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The Google Maps Commute button shows you how long your trip will take to travel. The Explore button shows you restaurants, events and more around the area you are in. Now, you will also see new buttons in the mix called ‘Saved’, ‘Contribute’ and ‘Updates’

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