Google’s Map app already offers data on traffic situation on the road. Now, it seems that Google will soon offer train reports too. A fresh report asserted that the Google Maps app is reportedly sending notifications and asking users “how crowded a train is.” A few users using the Google Maps app received questions for the confirmation of how “many seats available” and “few seats available.”

Additionally, Android Police reported that these type of notifications are not new for iOS users as they have been receiving such notification for “several months”. The report asserted that Android users witnessed these for the first time. The cited source also highlighted that Android users reported this issue from Sweden and iOS users from the Bay Area, New York City, Washington, Tokyo, Paris reported using Twitter. Google is expected to soon release this feature in India.

(Image credit: Android Police)

Besides, the source also stated in the year 2018 that the search giant asserted that it had teamed up with Transport New South Wales in Sydney. Google was aiming to offer users information on “how full your bus or train will be”. “It said that the feature would be coming to more cities around the world,” the report mentioned.

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Separately, earlier this year, Google Maps pushed an update, which allows a driver to check if there are any “Speed Traps” in their route. Additionally, “Speed Traps” are spots along roads where one will find police vehicles. IANS further explained that “it’s from these spots that law enforcement officials detect vehicles (generally through devices such as speed cameras and radar guns) going over the speed limit, so that they can be appropriately dealt with/penalized as per regulations.” Furthermore, this is not used in India, but countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Australia use this.

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