At Google 2018 I/O developer conference, the search giant unveiled a new AR feature for its Google Maps app. The company showed off its Augmented Reality route-finding feature to help users check directions from their smartphone’s camera on a real-time basis. Now, this feature is finally set to make its debut; however, only to a small group of Local Guides (community reviewers) at first.

WSJ reports that the official release date of this feature is unknown, but Google says that the feature will be available to “a few Local Guides” soon, and “will come to everyone only when Google is satisfied that it’s ready.” The cited source has revealed the details of how this feature actually works. The feature leverages GPS location as well camera to show location with 3D arrows floating over the places you need to turn to reach the desired destination.

With the help of the AR-navigation mode, one just has to point the camera in the real world and Google Maps will reportedly overlay navigation directions on top of that. The report asserted that after you hold up your smartphone and scan surroundings, the navigation app then uses the Street View data and then displays directions.

Besides, the next generation of Chrome would reportedly support multimedia keys on desktop and laptop keyboards. The feature is said to support Play, Pause, Previous track, Next track, Seek backward, and Seek forward keyboard commands as part of “Google Chrome 73”. The next version of Chrome browser is expected to be released by March 2019, according to Engadget.

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The report further explained that “if you’re watching a YouTube video and you pull up another app while the video is playing, hitting the pause button will still stop it.” Lastly, Chrome OS, macOS and Windows users will first get this feature. It will be available for Linux users later this year.

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