Google has announced new features for its Meet video calling platform to make it easier for people to stay connected with one another from a distance.

The new features aim to make Google Meet a safer, easier, and more reliable platform for communicating with each other. Here’s a look at the new Google Meet features.

Google Meet gets a redesign and more

Google Meet’s web version has received a design change, which will allow for more space for content and other people’s video feed. This will also allow them to pin/unpin multiple types of content for much ease and convenience.

Users will also get the ability to resize, reposition, or hide their video feed. This will allow them to utilise the freed-up space in a better way. These new changes will be effective, starting next month.

google meet new features

Google Meet Video background replacement feature

In addition to the low-light mode introduced last year, Google Meet for web will also get the ability to add brightness to the person’s screen when they are underexposed. This will provide a better viewing and video calling experience for both parties. The light adjustment feature will reach people in the coming weeks.

Google Meet will also get a new Autozoom feature, which will let people zoom in or reposition others to see them clearly.

Something for mobile too!

Another new feature will be Data Saver. This feature will limit the data usage, especially when Google Meet is being used on a phone while relying on the data pack. This will come in handy in countries such as India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Further, Google Meet users will be able to add background videos for a fun backdrop. This is, in addition, to still background changing options. The Video background replacement, which will ensure more privacy, will be available in three options:  a classroom, a party and a forest, with more on the way soon.

Google is expected to continue improving Meet for us with new features to arrive in the future.

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