Google Meet saver mode to now help restrict data, conserve battery

Google Meet gets a new Saver mode that will consume less data but still maintain the quality of video calls on mobile. The new mode that comes via the latest April update will help restrict data consumption and limit ‘processing power’ while on a video call.

With the pandemic forcing remote work experiment, Google Meet became one of the favoured choices in the companies for organising video and audio conference meets. Speaking of the saver mode, this new Google Meet feature was first spotted by Android Police. As per the report, the video-conferencing app received a bunch of other features via the update. These include polls in Google Meet which will allow participants to respond to polls on their Android devices. The update also brings a new Q&A feature which is made available for users with Google Workspace. The feature will allow participants in a meeting to asks questions and will be accessible via the ‘Activities menu’ under Questions in the Meet app.

“Turn on Meet saver mode before a Meet video call to reduce data usage and conserve battery power. Saver mode limits CPU performance so your device’s charge lasts longer,” Google mentioned in the Help center support page.

Google has added new Android safety controls for education users as well. These new safety features designed for educators will allow them to control access to a meeting, prevent students from sending chat messages, and from presenting. The Mountain View company also brought a new feature for iOS which will enable moderators to end a meeting for all participants from the iOS device.

How to turn on Google Meet saver mode

Open the Google Meet app
Tap the three-dots button at the bottom to open up the menu
Go to Settings
Toggle the “Limit data usage” button and you are all set

It is worth noting that the new Saver mode for Google Meet mobile app is currently rolling out to users in a phased manner which means you won’t be able to see the changes right away.

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