It looks like Google is currently testing new “floating conversation bubbles” in its Messages app. This new feature in the Google Messages app is similar to the chat heads on Facebook Messenger. This new feature comes months after we first saw the bubbles notification feature in Android 10 Beta 2. The feature did not make it to the final version of Android 10. However, this system is likely to replace the current overlay API in a future version. Reportedly, Google is currently developing the Bubbles API and Android 10 users can enable from “Developer Options”.

Conversation bubbles in Google Messages app on Android 10

According to a report from XDA developers, Google is currently working on a floating conversation bubbles feature in the Messages app. As per the report, Google has also asked developers to start testing the Bubbles API with their apps in Android 10. Developers and users interested in testing the Bubbles system should enable “Bubbles” option in the “Developer Options”. It is likely that Google may roll out this feature in the upcoming Android 11. The report noted that XDA was able to successfully enable the feature in the latest build of Google Messages. Taking a look at the screenshots, the images are similar to what we see on Facebook Messenger.

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The notification bubbles appear on the edge of the display along with a circular photo of the contact, the app icon and a small preview for the message. If the user does not take any action then the preview disappears turning into a notification dot. If the user taps on the notification dot then the entire conversation opens as an overlay on the screen. Here, the user can read to the conversation or provide a quick reply.

Google Messages Floating Conversation Bubbles XDA

To dismiss, one can tap and hold the floating icon to drag it on the “X” icon at the bottom. The entire system is integrated into the “Settings” section. The “Notifications” section on the “App Info” page allows users to toggle “Bubbles” off. It is unclear if and when Google is planning to roll out this new feature. Though, the company is likely to share more information about the feature near launch.

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