Google One has been updated with automatic phone backups option. The primary subscription service for expanded cloud storage from the search giant is getting the option as part of its paid plans. The cloud service already handles the standard Android backup including your app data, call history, contacts, settings and SMS messages. It also keeps backups of original photos, videos and other multimedia messages (MMS). With the new feature, Google One users will be able to restore backups from the app.

Automatic phone backup comes to Google One

The feature will come handy to those who purchase a new Android smartphone and want to restore data from their older device. According to Android Authority, the RCS messages won’t be backed up generally but it also depends on your phone, carrier and messaging application. Google specifically mentions that T-Mobile and Metro, which don’t universally support RCS messages. You will be able to back up RCS messages from these carriers using Google One.

If you want automatic phone backups then you will need a Google One membership. You will also need the membership to back up your original-quality photos, videos and MMS messages. The automatic phone backup for users of this service should be rolling out now. In terms of pricing, the Google One membership starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB of data.

The same plan is available at Rs 130 per month and includes 100GB of data. Google also offers option for annual payment where customers need to pay only Rs 1,300. The annual plan for the cloud service is equivalent to getting two months for free. Other plans include 200GB for Rs 210 per month and Rs 2,100 per year. With Google One, consumers will be able to choose plans offering 2TB, 10TB, 20TB and 30TB storage options as well.

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