Google Pay is back with another offer that where you can win up to Rs 2020. The UPI-based payment platform from the search giant saw tremendous demand with the launch of rewards offer during Diwali. Now, the company is back with another offer called Welcome 2020 with Google Pay. The idea is same as before, you need to collect stamps in order to win an assured gift worth up to Rs 2020. Google calls it as gift but in reality, you can expect to get the money credited to your account directly. In order to win, you must collect 7 stamps, which are stacked like a cake. Very nice touch, indeed.

The seven stamps that you need to collect in order to win up to Rs 2,020 are classified into seven different categories. There is balloon, DJ, Sunglasses acting as lower layer of the cake. The middle layer is composed of toffee, selfie and pizza. The top layer is dubbed as disco. If you collect stamps across all of these categories, you stand a chance to get rewarded between Rs 202 and Rs 2,020. During Diwali, people got engaged in real competition to get the maximum reward and the same is likely during New Year as well. If you want to be ahead of your friends, here is how you can win all the seven stamps.

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Google Pay 2020: How to collect all the 7 stamps

Step 1: The first method to win a stamp is to pay a business, Spot or Google Pay user. You will be awarded a stamp for P2P payments and only one stamp can be collected per unique Google Pay user. You can collect a maximum of 5 stamps daily through this method and transaction must be Rs 98 or more.

Step 2: The second way to win stamps is to pay a bill using Google Pay. For bill payments, the transaction amount must be Rs 300. For mobile top-up, the transaction amount must be Rs 98 or more. You will be able to collect a maximum of 5 stamps daily through this method.

Step 3: Invite a friend to Google Pay with your unique referral code from the Google Pay app. Collect a stamp when your invited friend enters your referral code and makes their first ever successful payment on the app. You will be able to collect 1 stamp per unique friend you invite and up to a maximum of 5 stamps daily through this method.

Step 4: When a friend accepts a gift stamp from you, you win 1 stamp on your gift board. With this method, you can earn a maximum of 1 stamp per unique gifted friend and 5 stamps daily. Even if you gift multiple stamps to the same friend, you are eligible for only one bonus stamp.

Step 5: You can also win a stamp by scanning the number ‘2020’ near you. This feature is, however, only available for Android users. You can earn a maximum of 2 stamps daily through this method.

Step 6: This feature is also available only on Android and you need to catch any Google Pay ad on TV or on YouTube ad. When you see the ad, open the Google Pay app and tap the on-air icon on the home screen. You will need to enable access to your microphone to listen to the ad.

Google Pay 2020: Rules to know

If you are planning to participate, make sure you read these terms and conditions.

1. Collect all 7 different stamps to complete the cake by December 31, 2019 and get an assured gift from Google Pay.

2. You will also earn a bonus reward per layer for any cake layer you complete. Ideally, you should aim to complete all the layers.

3. Collect these assured stamps during the game period from December 23, 2019 and December 31, 2019. You will have to pay a bill to win a toffee stamp, recharge your mobile to get DJ stamp or invite a friend to Google Pay who makes their first payment using your referral to get Pizza stamp.

4. All other stamps will be variably distributed and you could collect any one of the 7 different stamps through different collection methods. Do note that there is a daily limit per collection method.

5. This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu. You are also not eligible for this offer if you have already earned over Rs 9,000 during this current fiscal year.a

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