Google Pay successfully created a buzz around its Diwali stamps as the company was offering users an assured gift of Rs 251 on collecting all the stamps. Google is now hoping to create a similar buzz with its new Google Pay 2020 Stamps. This time, Google Pay wants users to collect up to seven different stamps – Disco, Toffee, Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Selfie and Pizza. The search giant is calling these cake layers.

Google says that if you manage to complete any layer on the cake, you will get bonus rewards. Upon collecting all seven stamps, you can get cash ranging between Rs 202 – Rs 2,020. To get all the stamps, you will have to pay a specific amount to a business or your friend using the app. But, we have found a way of completing one cake layer without paying.

You can essentially get up to Rs 2 lakh reward or up to Rs 100 scratch card for free. If you complete the second layer, then you are eligible for Rs 20 lakh reward or up to Rs 1,001 scratch card. We managed to complete the third layer of the cake (Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses) without paying.

Once you complete the third layer, you will be able to choose from one bonus reward. The options are HNY scratch card worth Rs 10 to Rs 101, 2020 Bonus ticket chance to win Rs 2 lakh, discounts on Zomato, Uber, OYO, Goibibo Hotels, Grofers and more. To get the three Google Pay stamps, there are a few simple steps that you can try out.

Google Pay 2020 stamps: How to get a reward or scratch card for free

Step 1: The first method to win a “Balloon” or “Sunglasses” stamp is to gift an extra stamp to your Google Pay friends. If your friend collects the stamp, then you too will get either a Balloon or Sunglasses stamp from Google Pay. You can collect a maximum of five stamps daily through this method.Gift or request a stamp

Step 2: You can get Balloons using Google Pay’s “Listen to On-Air ads” feature. You just need to catch any Google ad on TV or on YouTube. When you see the ad, just open the Google Pay app and tap the on-air icon on the home screen. You will also be required to enable access to your microphone to listen to the ad. You can open the “Google Pay ke saath rakhiye apni payments” ad on YouTube.

Step 3: You can get a “DJ” stamp by scanning the number ‘2020’ on your laptop or phone. You just need to open WordPress, type ‘2020’ and scan the number.

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