Google Pay rolling out Splitwise-inspired feature in India: How to split bills on Gpay

Google Pay has started rolling out its Splitwise-inspired feature dubbed Split Bill in India. The feature is rolling out via a new update for both iOS and Android users. The Split bill feature was announced during Google For India event last month alongside various other announcements.

If you haven’t got the Split Bill feature yet, it is time to update the app. Android users can head to the Google Play store while iPhone users can head over to the Apple App Store.

How to use the Split bill feature on Google Pay

Once you have updated the Gpay app, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Google Pay app
Step 2: Click on the new payment option
Step 3: Next, click on the new group option shown on the screen
Step 4: You can now add as many friends/contacts as you want to create a group.
Step 5: Add the amount spent and split the amount equally. Gpay also provides an option to edit the amount for an individual or even remove someone from splitting the amount.

The Split Bill feature will prevent users from downloading another app to split bills. The Split Bill feature on Gpay is inspired by apps like Spiltwise, which is widely used to divide expenses of a trip or a dinner, or even a house party without any confusion or complicated calculation.

At Google For India event, the tech giant also introduced features such as My Shop and support for Hinglish. My Shop feature basically allows merchants to set up a quick mini online store for its customers with essential information like rate card, store images and inventory. It will be available in India very soon, the company has confirmed. Additionally, the support for Hinglish on the payments app will also be rolled out very soon. The specific timeline hasn’t been revealed yet.

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