One of the most annoying things you can have in a day is getting disturbed by spam callers. Despite trying to block the callers, they keep finding a hundred new ways to reach you. Google is sick of this practice too and hence, has a simple way to help you in avoiding such calls. Unlike most of the smart features it rolled out before, this one is actually coming to India. The feature will be rolled out to users via the Google Phone app.

The latest feature is called Verified Calls and it is coming to your Android phone via the Phone app. It’s not going to block spam calls for you automatically. Instead, it will give you the information about the source and their intention behind the call. Currently, the Phone app only notifies a spam call as Spam. This feature will add a business logo, details, and intention.

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In order to make Verified Calls work, businesses have to work together in a bid to make this happen. They will have to reach out to Google regarding a verification process. They must also send the information to Google’s Verified Calls server. Information is sent to Google’s servers over a Transport Layer Security (TSL) encrypted network. No personally identifiable information is collected or stored. Additionally, information sent to Google’s servers is deleted within minutes.

How does Verified Calls work?

Google lists the entire process in detail on its blog. In short, Google is basically matching data from the call with the one stored in its servers. “When the business calls you, your device compares the incoming call information with the information Google received from the business. If there’s a match, the Phone app displays the call as a Verified call,” says Google.

Verified Calls Google Phone

Google says it has worked on the feature since a long time and has seen promising results. Hence, the updated Phone app will have Verified Calls enabled by default. Users won’t need to enable it manually from the Settings. The feature will be rolling out in India, US, Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

Google Phone app coming to more Android phones

The Phone app is also coming to more Android devices with the latest update. Previously, you could only enjoy the Google Phone app on a Pixel or Android One device. Later, the app was rolled out to a few Samsung, OnePlus and other premium smartphones. Now, the Phone app will be universally available to all Android smartphones. Most budget and midrange smartphones these days rely on the Google Phone app instead of custom Android diallers.

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