Google has added Express backup option in Google Photos for Android users. Earlier, this feature was only available for a select number of Android users in India. The search giant says that the latest Google Photos update should hit all the Android devices soon, and the Express backup option should reflect by the end of this week. The same feature will soon be rolled out to other countries as well.

The Express backup offers users a much better experience as the images will now be stored at a reduced resolution, resulting in quicker uploads without the need to have a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, Google hasn’t eliminated the old High quality and Original quality backup options, and you can still leverage those options if you find a good data connection.

Furthermore, Google asserted that the new Express backup option is especially for those who struggle to hunt good high-speed Wi-Fi connection and still want to put their images on Google’s cloud platform. “Express provides faster backup at a reduced resolution, making it easier to ensure memories are saved even when you might have poor or infrequent Wi-Fi connectivity,” wrote Raja Ayyagari, Product Manager, Google Photos, in a blog post.

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The search giant has also revealed that if users store any image using the Express backup option, the photo will be compressed to 3-megapixel resolution, while uploaded videos will be downsized to 480p. In addition to rolling out the Express backup option, Google has also added a new Data Cap option for backup. “This gives users more granular daily controls for using cellular data to back up. People can select from a range of daily caps, starting at 5MB,” the company said. Other daily caps include 5MB, 10MB, or 30MB, as well as Wi-Fi only and Unlimited options.

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