Google Photos’ product lead, David Lieb, has confirmed that the company is working to bring manual face tagging, timestamp edits, and other features on Android. Lieb revealed the information through a string of tweets when he asked users for direct feedback about the Google Photos app.

While replying to user queries, Lieb mentioned that manual face tagging is coming to Android. At present, the app doesn’t allow you to select photos tag to be added to a face. Next up, timestamp editing is coming to the Google Photos Android app. It was one of the missing features on Android, although both iOS and web versions had it since long.

Other features confirmed by Lieb include the search parameter for recently uploaded photos. It was earlier only available on the web. The feature will let users easily see and edit any photo as soon as they upload through Android app. Additionally, pet photo sharing is on its way to partner libraries. It will allow pet owners to tell Google Photos to automatically send all images of their pets to their partners.

Meanwhile, starting July 10, Google Photos will no longer sync to Google Drive. It means that if you add or delete files in your phone’s Photos app, they won’t be automatically added or deleted in Drive. The change is to help prevent accidental deletion of items across products. Apparently, the automatic integration between Photos and Drive was confusing users.

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Google will instead introduce an option called “Upload from Drive” , which will be available in Google Photos and will allow users to manually choose which photos and videos from Drive they want to import into Google Photos. The content imported in this case will, however, be available separately across both products and without any link between them. It means that the items copied in the Original Quality option will continue to be counted towards your existing storage quota in Google Drive and Photos.

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