Google Photos might soon offer enhanced filters to simplify image search

Google Photos might soon get new search filters that will improve image search. Currently, the photo-sharing/storage app allows searching for a specific photo based on people, places, or pets, the new search filters will remove the hassle of going through each category and rather bring enhanced search filters.

Details about the advanced filters were unearthed by the reverse engineer who shared a set of screenshots that shows a new filter mode in Google Photos for Android. As observed by 9to5Google, while using the search filter, it will pop more filter options. The feature button can be seen below the search bar, but users should be able to see the results directly underneath as well. The screenshots show four new Google Photos search filters that include- selfies, videos, archived photos, and motion photos. 9to5Google notes that with these potential filters, users will be able to quickly view archived images. However, Wong cites that the feature is currently under testing, which suggests there still some time left for these filters to come to a stable build of Google Photos.

Notably, Google Photos has the option of searching with filters, for instance, selfies, videos, screenshots, etc in the categories section. The new filters are expected to save time scrolling if there are multiple pictures required to ‘sift through’ to get a particular image.

To recall, Google recently added the option to edit pictures in Google Photos. The new video editing tools enable cropping, adding filters, tweaking contrast, saturation, brightness level, and colour grade. However, a bunch of edit options in Google Photos does require a subscription. It is worth noting, that unlimited free photo storage for Google Photos is ending this June following which users will be charged for storage beyond 15GB. That said, Google recently integrated Google Lens into the web browser that expanded the ability to extract words from the pictures saved in Google Photos. For those unaware, Google Lens uses OCR (optical character recognition) to analyse texts from pictures, documents, images.

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