Google Photos’ updated video editing tools live for Android users globally

Google has updated the Android app for Google Photos and added improved video editing tools that were previously available exclusively to iOS users. According to an Android Police report, the new editing tools have been rolled out for Google Pixel devices and other Android phones are set to receive them soon.

The tools seem to have arrived with a service-side update and if you are not able to see the changes on your app, you can try manually updating the Google Photos app on your phone.

Google had talked about the latest update back in February this year and said that the new video editing tools bring to its users over 30 new controls. These include tools like cropping, filters, colour grading options like altering contrast and brightness, adjusting saturation and more.

The new editing tools are part of some of the bigger changes that are being made in the Google Photos ecosystem. Google said it is looking to incorporate machine learning-powered editing tools which were previously available only to Pixel users and Google One subscribers.

Google has also said that in June, it will end its unlimited free storage option and will as users to pay for extra storage if they cross the 15GB free storage mark. Though you are getting more storage and some nifty editing tools you now also must pay for extra storage.

As well as announcing that Android users will be getting new video editing tools on iOS, Google also said that some of Android’s editing tools will also be making their way to the Android ecosystem.

The fact that Google is adding these editing tools within the app doesn’t require users to download and install additional video editing software on their phones that ask for access to user data and content on the device which makes the device vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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