Google Pixel 3 lineup, the latest flagship devices in the market by software giant Google launched last year with a number of significant changes. One of these changes was the inclusion of support for wireless charging which propelled the device to a true 2018 flagship. The company also launched its own Qi wireless charging certified Pixel Stand to go along with the Google Pixel 3 lineup. However, the feature did come with some twist as noted previously. To recap, the company locked the 10W fast wireless charging speed to Google Pixel Stand or other certified Qi-certified chargers that were part of the official Made for Google program.

Rest of the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL users using non-certified chargers were limited to a slow rate of wireless charging at 750mAh current. However, it looks like some modders on popular development forum and website XDA Developers figured out a way to increase the wireless charging speed on non-certified chargers though it still is not as fast as on certified chargers. But according to a report by XDA Developers, the mod almost doubles the charging speed on non-certified wireless chargers. One thing to note here is that the report is stating that the mod “could be risky”.

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The reason the mod and increasing the charging speed on non-certified wireless chargers is risky is because of the factors involved that could cause damage to the user, their smartphone, the charger or nearby surroundings. As the report noted, the slow speed may be because of the heat generated during charging by non-certified chargers in comparison to certified chargers.

According to the modder ‘kOrner’, users need to modify the value of “voltage+max” to 9000000, up from the default value of 5000000. The charges are to be made in the value of “/sys/class/power_supply/wireless”. The modder noted that this increase the charging speed to 1.290mA, up from the 750mA. One thing to note here is that the value will reset to default so regular users will have to make the changes when the charging starts.

However, if users want to make it more permanent then the only way to do that is with the help of “Advanced Charging Control”, a Magisk module after rooting and installing Magisk framework. Once done with the following steps, the user needs to change the value of onPlugged=./wireless/voltage_max to “9000000”.

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