Software giant Google is gearing up to launch its latest flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 4 lineup in coming weeks. As the expected launch date approaches, the internet is full with Pixel 4 leaks online. The smartphone has already leaked extensively in terms of the design, the colors, and the expected specifications. However, a new leak highlights the upcoming “Motion Sense” functionality in detail as part of Project Soli. This leak also showcased the software side of the feature showcasing how the features would work.

Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense gesture details

According to a report by XDA Developers, a video surfaced on YouTube highlighting how the feature works. M. Brandon Lee, the host for YouTube channel “This is Tech Today” shared the video along with details about how the feature works. The video showcased the actual “Settings” page for these gestures on a Google Pixel 4 smartphone. Lee even went ahead to set things up in different sub-menu items. The first sub-menu present in the Settings app under Motion Sense settings is about skipping songs under “Skip songs” option. This will allow users to wave their left or right hand near the smartphone to skip or rewind songs.

The second sub-menu is called “Silence interruptions” that allows users to silence alarms or calls. As part of the details, users only need to wave their hand over the smartphone. The last sub-menu as part of the Gesture features is regarding ambient display. This likely means that users can check the lock-screen information simply by waving over the device.

On paper, there is a risk that the feature may look gimmicky at best without any practical use. However, as noted in the report, this feature is likely to be more useful in select scenarios. One of these instances is the feature recognizing your activity when you pick up the smartphone. As reported previously, this will ensure that the smartphone only starts scanning for your face if you intend to unlock the device.

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